Ways your medical bills could be wrong

Ways your medical bills could be wrong

| Nov 17, 2017 | Debt Management |

You’ve been working very hard to steer your family towards a stable financial future. But now, a medical crisis has struck and the bills are piling up.

This is a situation many families here in the Frederick area can end up facing. Some of the health problems that could come up for families can lead to some very high medical bills.

Mistakes on medical bills

But is the medical bill you have received correct? It is possible for a bill to be higher than it should be. There are certain errors that could have this effect. A NerdWallet article noted some of the mistakes that can happen with such bills. These include:

  • Room classification or date errors
  • Getting charged for a test or treatment that was cancelled or that you declined
  • Getting charged for a higher level of service than you received
  • Duplicate charges
  • Dosage quantity mistakes
  • Drug name mistakes
  • Mistakes regarding the amount of time certain care was given

Looking out for errors

Given that these billing errors could cause you to face higher medical costs than you should, keeping an eye out for such errors can be important when high medical bills come in. What can you do to spot possible errors? Steps you can take include carefully reviewing and comparing your itemized bill and your medical records to make sure nothing is amiss about what you are being charged. 

Addressing overwhelming medical debt

Keeping an eye out for billing errors is one of the many measures you can take to try to keep the medical costs your family is facing down. Sometimes though, even with being vigilant with such efforts, medical bills can prove overwhelming.

One fear you might have if overwhelming medical debt strikes is that the debt will ruin your family’s future.

However, there are ways for trying to reduce the long-term implications of such debt. For examples, in some instances, going through the bankruptcy process could help with reducing or eliminating medical debt.

Skilled bankruptcy attorneys can give families who are concerned about the impacts high medical debt could have on their future guidance on the options they could pursue for addressing the debt.

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