Taking action if you’re being sued because of debt

Taking action if you’re being sued because of debt

| Oct 4, 2018 | Debt Management |

Debt struggles can be a vicious cycle: The more debt that a person has, the more they will be charged interest on it, which, in turn, makes it more difficult to be able to pay off the debts. Many debtors become extremely overwhelmed and stressed by their situation and they may worry that they will be sued for their debt.

It is a distinct possibility that you may face being sued for your debt, even if you have tried to negotiate with your creditor. However, there are ways that you can successfully defend yourself from a debt claim made against you so that you do not have to continue struggling financially.

Deciding to defend against a debt claim

It is possible to successfully defend against a debt claim in many situations. It is worth checking the validity of the claim made against you. You should make sure that the claim is within the statute of limitations in the state of Maryland.

In Maryland, the statute of limitations for the collection of debt on an account is three years. If you are being sued for a debt that is more than three years old, you may be able to successfully argue that it is not valid.

Another line of defense is to question the ownership of the debt. This can prove to be successful because debts are often sold between companies and then previous owners of the debt make mistaken attempts to reclaim them.

In addition, you may be able to defend yourself through the argument that you had the debt discharged when you filed for bankruptcy. You may have recently filed for bankruptcy and are legally protected from debt collection efforts from creditors.

If you are struggling with overwhelming debts in the state of Maryland and you are concerned about the possibility of being sued for your debts in the future, you may want to consider filing for bankruptcy as a way to get a fresh start. Bankruptcy can help you pay off your debts and you are likely to benefit from a debt discharge.

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