Taking charge of overwhelming medical bills

Taking charge of overwhelming medical bills

| Apr 2, 2019 | Debt Management |

If you or a loved one is suffering from ill health, it will be a stressful time for all involved. In addition to the medical-related stress, you may be suffering financially due to medical bills. The financial burden that medical care can place on a patient may feel overwhelming, and the stress caused is not conducive to healing. This is why it is important to take charge of overwhelming medical bills.

There are many options for a person suffering due to medical debt. The best solution will depend on the specific situation, but it is a good idea to research and consider all options.

Check the facts

If a medical bill sounds extortionate to you or the bill is far more than you were previously told it would be, it is important to dispute the amount. It could be that an administrative error was made. If you have evidence of being quoted a lower sum, you may also be able to have the bill lowered.

Negotiation is key

If the hospital or doctor sees that you are simply unable to pay the fee that they are asking, they may be willing to negotiate. They would rather gain a lower payment than no payment at all. By being proactive in your communication, you may be successful in reaching a compromise.

Consider the benefits of bankruptcy

If you feel as though there is no escape from your persistent medical bills, filing for bankruptcy could be an option for you. If you have an income low enough to qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Maryland, it may be possible for you to have some or all of your medical bills discharged, in addition to other debts that you have. Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a relatively swift process and can provide a huge relief to those who have been drowning under debts for several years.

If you believe that your medical debts are adding to the stress of your illness, it’s likely that taking action to become debt free will affect more than just your bank account. It is important to understand the different types of bankruptcy Chapters and how they could work for you.

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