Protecting the Rights of Creditors

When you run a business, cash flow is a critical issue. When customers fail to pay for goods or services, it can affect your ability to meet your obligations and grow your business. You may consider using a collection agency, but fear that they will take too long to recover anything and take too much of what they recover to provide much benefit to you.

The Law Offices of John C. Hanrahan, LLC, in Frederick, Maryland, brings 35 years of debt collection experience to businesses throughout the area, including banks, insurance companies and funeral homes. John Hanrahan understands the challenges you face and is intimately familiar with a wide range of legal strategies for helping you recover what is due to you. An experienced trial lawyer, he has the skill and experience to protect your interests in court, if necessary.

The Firm offers a free initial consultation in all collections matters. To set up an appointment, contact Mr. Hanrahan online or call 301-228-0787.

Experienced Collections Attorney

Mr. Hanrahan provides comprehensive counsel to companies that have been unable to collect on accounts receivable. Because of his extensive experience, he understands the steps needed to help you recover unpaid obligations, including:

  • Breach of contract actions — John is an experienced trial attorney and can take your claims to court, helping you obtain a judgment, if necessary. He is experienced at enforcing and collecting judgments.
  • Negotiated settlements — John can work directly with those who owe you money, negotiating payment plans or lump sum payoffs.
  • Garnishment proceedings — The Firm can take the necessary steps to garnish wages or attach bank accounts.
  • Bankruptcy actions — Mr. Hanrahan has been recognized as one of Frederick’s best bankruptcy lawyers by Frederick Magazine. He understands the intricacies of the bankruptcy process and knows how to pursue and protect creditor’s rights.
  • Foreclosures — The Firm can protect your rights in a foreclosure action.

The Law Offices of John C. Hanrahan, LLC offers a variety of fee schedules to address your specific situation.

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